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Asphalt Repair The Experts in Salem, Albany and Eugene

Our experts performing roadside maintenance

Maintenance and Patching 

Pavement deteriorates over time for a number of reasons, including: 
  • Weather (rain, wind, sun) 
  • Traffic 
  • Asphalt quality
  • Asphalt installation
  • Chemical spills and motor oil leaks
We understand this at Valley Custom Sealcoating Inc., and we're here to help with our asphalt repair services. In addition to providing custom paving services to Albany and the surrounding areas, we are also happy to provide repair and patching services to keep your paved surface as smooth as possible. 

Asphalt Replacement

We can help with asphalt replacement if that is what you need. When your asphalt has deteriorated to a light gray color and has an extremely rough surface texture with lots of cracks, it's time to repave. Give us a call to have us replace the asphalt. Sure, you can patch potholes and fill cracks, but when you need new asphalt, these will only delay the inevitable. 

Give us a call today at 541-967-8336 for your Free Estimate.

The Importance of Sealing Asphalt

Our customers say they would love to keep their asphalt looking amazing, long after the paving has been completed. After the first year, asphalt can go from a black and smooth surface texture, in excellent condition, to having a dark gray surface. 

This is when we suggest you call us. We'll use an asphalt sealer to keep your asphalt looking and functioning great for a longer period. 

After the initial treatment, you should have your paved surface resealed every three years to keep it in tip-top shape. 
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